I’m A Threat To Reggie Rockstone’s Music Career – Roro

I'm A Threat To Reggie Rockstone's Music Career – Roro


It will be recalled that sometime in the year 2014, it was highly publicized in the media that Promzy had left music group, Vision In Progress (VIP), after almost two decades of doing music with them for personal reasons. The group, also made up of Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal), and Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (Lazzy now Zeal) came out to confirm the news through their manager and consequently through interviews whilst unveiling their new member, Reggie Rockstone.

Years down the lane, it seems many are still not happy with Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone inclusion in the group VIP  now VVIP even after the group managed to grab some awards whilst maintaining the group’s standard with hit songs.

Veteran and respected producer and sound engineer, Roland Ackah popularly called Roro, opined recently on social media his what he thinks of the old musicians’ and their lazy attitude as compared to the vibrant Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, E.L and others. Roro who believes he’s far better than Reggoie Rockstone said in an interview on Happy FM with Doctar Cann that “Reggie Rockstone’s inclusion to the VVIP hasn’t yield any good results for the VVIP team,” also “Reggie Rockstone knows nothing about music, he’s just relying on hype and loud mouth.” “His addition to the group has been a total mess”, he adds.

These harsh comments follows an earlier comment made by Roro when VVIP first released their hit record “Selfie” where he stated through his Facebook wall that, the latest single ‘Selfie’ is a substandard song and that he is highly disappointed.

Reggie Rockstone didn’t let sleeping dogs lie, he vomited chilly words at Roro. “Don’t mind Roro! Don’t mind him! When was the last time you Roro gave us a hit! When was the last time you gave us a hit record?

Roro who is still not pleased with Reggie Rockstone music life called the grandpapa an “attention seeker” who will do anything to trend.”As for Reggie, all he does is to tweet stuff and it keeps him going so he thinks that’s all.”

“He like attention so I’m going to help him trend more” “He think his Djanjo is all the achievements can reference but that’s lame…”

Whilst Reggie Rockstone was called to answer a few questions, he went ahead to explain that, “Roro is an industry mate and for that matter should any issue come up  he can first call me (grandpapa) first before he even goes to the media to grant interviews.

Roro concluded his submission on Showbiz Xtra in a rebuttal to Reggie’s comment, pointed out the success of his recent works and rated himself far above the hiplife grandpapa. He also announced his forthcoming record will be a diss song to the grandpapa.

Meanwhile, Roro has also thrown some shade at Kontihene and Tic Tac’s rap prowess saying it had deteriorated considerably, thus their inability to release songs that can match what they recorded back in the day.

It’s quite unclear what Reggie Rockstone and Roro are fighting for but speculations have it that Roro is currently recording fall out member of VIP, Promzy, hence, his comments could be motivated by some hatred for the now VVIP with the GrandPapa of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone as a new member.


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