I’m 32 years not 24 – Dong Bortey silence critics

Bernard Dong BorteyFormer Hearts of Oak winger Bernard Don Bortey believes his “critics” are bent on sabotaging him hence flooding social media with a false age.

Bortey’s recent move to Swedish Division 2 club Ange IF has generated many doubts about his age, with some fans claiming he is 24, though FIFA.com recognizes him as a 32-year-old.

Bortey has tagged those spreading the falsehood about his age as detractors.

“I do not know where this age issue is coming from,” the former Panthers player told Starr Sports.

He added: “It is very bad because my club has not even posted my age on the internet so who did that? Everybody in Ghana knows my age unless you are a child who is not yet born.

“My actual age is 32, not 24, so why will I lie about it and for those doing that, no matter what Dong Bortey will rise again.”

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