I won’t be happy if I loose KSM – Sarkodie

sarkodieBET winner, Sarkodie in a recent interview with the KSM Show, detailed the reason why he slammed Joy FM recently on Twitter and ended up stating why KSM is one of the few good men left.

The rapper explained how it felt to have a tweet turn into a whole new conversation. He also attested to the facet that people create controversies for their personal gains whilst tarnishing the images of those involved.

“People keep asking me that, but it’s not even limited to just social media, but it’s being Sarkodie; Anything you say, you have to be careful, you have to make sure it comes out the right way and the right time, it’s scary and powerful at the same time.

Touching on his Joy FM’s tweets, he revealed;

“It was a tweet. It was not limited to… Most times, we are not that serious but we check ourselves from time to time. Because I love Joy and I talked about Joy because I love Joy. Just like you, I rarely will go on a show back to back like I do here, but this place feels like home and it’s more genuine.

“Believe it or not, people like bad news more than good news. But the people who choose to go with the good news, if we have two of them and KSM is one, I wouldn’t want to lose you.

So if I lose KSM, I won’t be happy, that was the whole vibe but it was nothing personal. May be the words came out in a bit of disrespectful way but I feel this is a station I love and I don’t want them to go on that path.”

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