I love my body size – Amanda Jissih

amanda-1Amanda Jissih was recently on Standpoint TV show, an all round Television program that delves more into the feminine side of life, love and all the unending worries on earth.

Speaking to the host, Gifty Anti, Amanda Jissih, (a TV and radio presenter) discussed her body size saying that she has heard a lot of people talk bad about her size as a celebrity but little did these critics know that she’s so comfortable in her shape and size… Call it sexy thick and sassy.

She said, “I use to worry about it, but I don’t anymore. At the end of the day I get paid at the end of every month.”

“I use to block people who say negative things about me on social media in order to have time for my job”, she added.

Amanda told Gifty Anti the host of the show that she loves her body even though she has blocked over 100 people on WhatsApp.
The StandPoint is a TV program which deals with issues affecting women; social, political, cultural, traditional and health.


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