“I don’t know what killed my ex-fiance Justice” – Actress Gloria Sarfo

"I don't know what killed my ex-fiance Justice" - Actress Gloria SarfoActress Gloria Sarfo has finally broken her public silence over the death of her former fiance, the late Mr. Justice Owusu Dankwah.

Speaking to Accra based Peace FM, Ms. Sarfo said that the death of such a gentleman to was a “big loss” to the country, although she added that she was unhappy about how the media had continuously reported that he was her fiance.

According to Ms. Sarfo, she returned his engagement ring and told him she could no longer be with him over two years ago, and thus plead with the media to refer to the late Mr. Dankwah as such.

Asked if she had details concerning his death, the actress stated that she had no idea.

“I don’t know anything about the cause of his death or how he died. I read online that he had heart attack but I don’t have any further details.”

She related that she had been on her way to church when she heard the news of her late ex-fiance’s – Justice Owusu Dankwah – passing, adding that he news had shocked her.

“What I know is what everybody else is reading on social media. I know nothing about how, where or when it happened,” she said.

Story about the death of Justice

Justice Nana Dankwa who was a medical student in the United States was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra–and died because there was no Oxygen when he got there.

According to a family member, Justice was an organist, a musician, a pharmacist, a soldier in the US Army and a medical student who died with lot of ambitions.

While he struggled for oxygen to survive upon reaching 37 Military Hospital, there was no oxygen! According to the driver from Golden Tulip who drove him there, he sat down for 10 minutes without oxygen.

There was another patient who had an oxygen mask on trying to survive but they took the oxygen from him to share with Justice who died 4 minutes after he was given the oxygen. The other patient didn’t survive either.



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