How the Millennial Dating Culture Is Ruining Love

Ukraine ladies on godatenow.com 2016-01-21 10-30-50Generation Y or the millennials are the victims of the contemporary world. Born in the 1980’s and 1990’s, they’ve been shaped by the idea of free love and the increasingly developing technology since their childhood. Now, as they’re in their 20s and 30s they’re and in search of love and relationship. Being extensively influenced by the prevailing hook-up culture facilitated by social media, they have a kind of perverted views on dating, courting, and love in general. Many experts think that true relationships that were known to their parents’ generation are unattainable for them. What is corrupting the today’s dating culture? Is the age of courtship dead? GoDateNow.com decided to figure out the answers.

As the surveys show, many young adults haven’t ever been on a traditional date. They consider it obsolete asking a girl out on a date, wooing, seeing each other periodically, and making a commitment in the long run. A today’s trend “to hook up somebody and that’s it” is more appealing to them. Texting, social media and dating apps are all contributing to that, especially the latter. Millennials just drop a line and wait until somebody swallows the bait or just text and wait for a reply. They aren’t afraid of rejection because someone who’s looking for a similar non-commitment relationship will respond or find them sooner or later. This way of meeting people is considered by them convenient and fun, as it takes little time and effort. Moreover, when it comes to a date and you’ve changed your mind, you can always log out or go offline.

Ukraine ladies on godatenow.com 2016-01-21 10-30-50As to the real-life pickup methods, they’re also aimed at having casual sex. The art of meeting girls has turned into the art of convincing them to have sex in a matter of minutes. As a result, the quality of communication between people suffers. They don’t want to get to know each other better; they would rather skip this stage and get to what they want. The creepy thing is that young people regard their partners as a means not as personalities. It suggests the idea of dehumanization and makes the hair stand on the end. Are we really going in that direction?

The hook-up culture implies the dominance of your body over your mind. You put your mental needs aside and focus mainly on the physical world. It’s out of the question that sex plays an important role in our lives, but it can’t make us completely happy. Victims of the hook-up culture deprive themselves of romance that accompanies traditional dates. They get straight to the dessert skipping the main course and missing a real flavor of true love. Intimacy gradually disappears from their lives. Finally, when they meet a person with whom they’d like to build a serious relationship, they realize they don’t know how to behave and show feelings.

The good news is that the majority of those 20- and 30-somethings realize that they want healthy relationships, not the ones the hook-up culture dictates them. They have to learn traditional dating rules anew to date the person they really like in the right way.

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