Lifestyle: Helpful Ways of Tidy Up: KonMary Method

Lifestyle: Helpful Ways of Tidy Up: KonMary MethodFor more than a year Western bloggers have been enthusiastically talking about “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  What is special in this tidying up?

Let’s start from the beginning: Marie Kondo is the most popular cleaning consultant in the world. She is 30 years old and she lives in Japan. Marie got carried away with cleaning in her childhood, so she managed to gain experience and develop her own methods. By the way, it is not just a “cleaning” with washing the floor or the old plate but a tidying up with putting order. Below you will read the main methods of magic tidying up.

Selection criteria.

The first, and the most fundamental criteria, which is mentioned in all reviews, is the main principle of selection: does this subject induce joy? In order to understand that, you need to take in hand absolutely everything that you are sorting and ask yourself this question. If there are any doubts, the answer is obvious.

Selection of category.

The main thing is to tidy up not from room to room but in accordance with categories. Marie gives a very convenient list, which includes clothes, books, “sentimental values” and others. Having collected things of one category in a pile, you can be amazed how much you have. So, it will be easier to give something away.

Selection of mood.

Before you start tidying up, you should imagine the style of life that you are striving for, and which you want to achieve “on the way out.” In addition, Marie advises to turn the tidying up into a special event that happens once in a lifetime, and not treat it as a boring routine. If everything passes according to the author’s pieces of advice, it will turn out the right way, and you will no longer need to do a daily exhausting cleaning.

Selection necessity.

Before organizing a storage system, you should give unnecessary things away. Probably, this is a very obvious step. Marie assures, “There is enough storage space in every house. Everything that does not fit is rubbish, and its place in the trash.

How to get rid? First, the book describes a very clear scheme and there is given a lot of related pieces of advice. Secondly, Marie insists on two important things: do not take the collected trash to the parents’ house and do not give clothes to the younger members of the family.

What to expect? Besides the fact that after tidying up you will get a delightful uncloaked room, filled with only your favorite things, those induce your joy (remember the main principle?), your life will radically change for the better. Especially, if you are thinking about Ukrainian girls for marriage, who are like a breath of fresh air.

“Tidy your house up, and you’ll find out what you really want to do,” Marie assures. That’s why she calls her tidying up method “magical.” It is important to determine the reason why it is difficult for you to get rid of a thing, and there are only two reasons: attachment to the past and fear of the future. Having done that, you will stay only with what you really like at the moment. To live in the moment is quite a complicated thing but it’s worth all the efforts.  Only we decide what will be next. So, make the right choice.


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