Guru Embarks On “Giving Back To The Society Projects”

guru project 2Award winning rapper, Guru, will be embarking on a project later this year. His “2015 giving back to society project” has decided to donate exercise books, pens and other stationery to schools across the country to help the students with their studies.

The NKZ management disclosed;
“In fulfillment of the promise we made earlier this year which is in line with Guru giving back to the society, Guru will be giving books, pens and other education accessories to help and encourage the students in their studies
Education plays a very important part of life and every child should be assisted in any way to help them reach their goals because they are our future leaders, whether boy or girl, they need to be educated for a bright future and a better Ghana thus why we have to embark on the project”

“In the near future scholarship will be given to students with great potentials from the “NKZ school for all projects” to release burden on some of the parents and reduce government cost by paying the fees of the deserving students.
So we are encouraging every student to learn and do their best when they go to school because they could end up winning the scholarship and not only that but also for a bright future.”

“The book distribution will start soon and it will be given to some selected schools in the various regions. We also welcome cooperate bodies, NGO’s who want to join. Kindly support the development of the mind of our future leaders and the future of Ghana” –they added.
guru project

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