God Forgives Christian YouTube Star Who Used Ashley Madison

Sam RaderYouTube star Sam Rader may be a Christian adulterous Ashley Madison user, but it’s OK because his wife, and God, have forgiven him. Sam mad this confirmation on his popular youtube page hours after The Daily Mail revealed that Rader paid for an account on the affair site.

“This was brought to my wife’s attention. She has forgiven me for this mistake that I have made in opening the account. I have sought forgiveness from God and he has forgiven me,” Rader continues. “So I have been completely cleansed of this sin.”

The Daily Mail reported that Rader made six payments to Ashley Madison in 2013. In the defensive video, however, Rader emphasizes, with Nia by his side, that he “never met with a single person face-to-face,” adding that “This account was opened out of pure fleshly desire and just simple curiosity.”

The couple, who has more than 360,000 Youtube subscribers, went viral a few weeks ago when Sam posted a video of him surprising Nia with a pregnancy announcement after he secretly tested her urine. Days later, the couple announced they had a miscarriage.

Critics have accused the Raders of staging the videos for a publicity stunt, to which Sam responded, “I’m like, you know what? It was staged. It was all orchestrated by God above and nothing else.”

Sam says in his most recent video titled FORGIVEN that he and his wife will not comment further on his involvement with Ashley Madison “Because this has already been completely resolved within my family and within my church.”
Watch the video below.


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