Ghana embassy in Germany accused of extortion

Ghana embassy in Germany accused of extortionA Ghanaian resident in Germany has accused the Ghanaian Embassy in the country of extorting its patrons.

The resident, David Otto alleged that Ghanaians who wish to renew their passports are being charged up to 350 Euros for the renewal of their passports.

Speaking to Citi News from the German capital, Berlin, David Otto said he has complained to the Foreign Affairs Ministry about the development but nothing has been done about it.

He recounted that he was told to “pay 350 euros for the renewal and I asked, are no other alternatives? The told me that either 350 euros or I wait…”
“I requested for the express as I had to renew my visa in October. I presented my electronic card, that is the visa card and they told me they only accept cash and that even if I don’t have the 350 euros, I can pay what I have and comeback tomorrow morning and pay cash.”

“I paid the cash I had 200 euros on me that day. I paid the cash and the next day I went back and paid the balance with cash. They said they don’t receive any form of payment apart from cash,” David Otto concluded.


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