‘Ghana and Nigeria took movie production to another level’ – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson:'Ghana and Nigeria took movie production to another level' - Lydia ForsonAccording to actress Lydia Forson, she “normally like to talk about the similarities than compare.”

She revealed this and other addressed other issues concerning the movie industry when she was interviewed by StyleMania Magazine.

Although she’s known to be this outspoken lady, she can be calm and soft as any human which she plays mostly in her movie roles and more often in her daily life but the beautiful actress will like to be remembered as “that lady who lived her life to the fullest”

In her interview with StyleMania Magazine, Lydia revealed:

‘The big picture is to live life. When I die I want people to describe me as that lady who lived her life to the fullest.

“That is why I don’t limit myself, I don’t live by laid down rules but the great thing about God is that when you plan, He is the ultimate planner. I may wake up tomorrow and I will be a cinematographer or even be running the Africa Magic, you may never know.

“I normally like to talk about the similarities than compare. The fact is that, these two countries are not separate any more. We have become one industry and that is the only way we can be taken seriously when we show a united front.

“A lot of African countries are making movies but Nigeria and Ghana have taken it to another level. It is not a hobby anymore, it is a career, I think what I love most is that we are being adventurous. Back in the day, we did a lot of imitation stories but now our writers are stepping up their game.”

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