George Quaye: “Shatta Wale is doing something good so let’s support him”

George Quaye: “Shatta Wale is doing something good so let’s support him”It seems the attack and defense game between Charterhouse and Shatta Wale is not ending anytime soon. Ghana music awards is fast approaching and there’s no news from the organizer to address the major issue on many fans mind.

All fans wish to know is “Will Shatta Wale be nominated or face the 3-years rumoured ban?”

Amid the controversies surrounding Shatta Wale and his Charter House – VGMA issues coupled with his rumoured banned of 3 years, George Quaye, speaker for the capitals biggest music awards ceremony – the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards has come out to rubbish claims and thrown a positive light on Shatta Wale.

Speaking to Bella Mundi on ENTnews, he said: “I cannot say I know where that story (of his ban) is coming from, but the board is working on this issue”

“When the board is ready to speak to the public the board will do that through a press conference or whichever means they find comfortable”

“Right now nominations are coming in and that’s what the board is monitoring as their primary aim”

Asked how’s the board is handling the whole Shatta Wale submitted nominations story, he again elaborated;

“The board is very focused and will not be distracted by anything coming in from the public”

“Fortunately the VGMAs is one thing that engage Ghana in a conversation”

“The VGMAs does not need any rumoured issue for its promotion, it has its own means of promoting itself and Shatta Wale’s issue will do less to affect the brand”

“What we have to note is that, Shatta Wale has started a good cause and changing his management team is a good start for him and we need to focus on helping him and supporting his idea for a change”

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