Fuse ODG sacked Killbeatz because of ‘King Promise’ – Management reveals

Fuse ODG sacked Killbeatz because of 'King Promise' - Management revealsYesterday’s report copied to bjrlivefm.com about the ongoing issues in the camp of Fuse ODG and Killbeatz has a new development as management details what really happened.

Ghanaian UK-based musician Nana Richard Abiona best known as  Fuse ODG was reported to have sacked his longtime producer Killbeatz from his East Legon mansion in Accra. A $1 million mansion they both own.

In the latest development, management rubbishes claims that Killbeatz is a ritualist as portrayed by Fuse ODG who saw a “pot with blood” upon his unannounced arrival in the house.

Fuse ODG according to the team from Killbeatz should have had the patience for an explanation of all the rumoured happenings.

“We had a birthday party for Killbeatz and as part of the celebration, R2Bees and some other friends brought a full cow for the barbecue. Muslims, after killing a cow, there are certain prayers one has to recite for taking away its life and we respect that tradition so we did that. We slaughtered the cow and poured out the blood in a hole which is normal to everyone so why will Fuse ODG book a flight all the way from London to Ghana and accuse his producer of doing rituals at a house they both own. Fuse ODG preaches This Is New Africa but it seems he knows nothing about Africa and Ghana if he tells me he doesn’t know this act is common in our Motherland,” Management said speaking in an interview with Bossu Kule of Gh Joy.

Killbeatz management further revealed in the interview that, “the long and short of this whole accusation is because Fuse ODG hates the fact that King Promise wasn’t signed under ODG records, rather, Legacy Life Records which is owned and managed by Killbeatz.”

Fuse ODG sacks Kill Beatz from his mansion after seeing a "pot full of blood"“Fuse ODG has stated on many occasions to put King Promise on his label but for some reasons, we have refused to do that and he (Fuse ODG) hasn’t been happy with our declines”.

“But it doesn’t make sense to us because Killbeatz has produced a whole album for you Fuse ODG which we are all planning to release in January. So why will you fly down to Ghana to act strange to your producer over some false claims?” Manager of Killbeatz quizzed.

Asked if Killbeatz is still in the house, the manager answered saying, “Killbeatz has angrily packed from the house because he was in Tema when his girlfriend called him to inform him that Fuse ODG has arrived and he’s sacking her from the house. Killbeatz rushed to meet Fuse ODG to explain things to him but he refused to listen to all because of the hatred he has for King Promise and the fact that we don’t want him to use his image to push the boy”.Fuse ODG sacks Kill Beatz from his mansion after seeing a "pot full of blood"“In the first place, Killbeatz doesn’t even owe Fuse ODG any explanation because that house is for both of them. They both worked hard to buy it together so if he is saying it’s his house then I can say Fuse ODG get problem, which we will handle later because as it stands now, they both own that house”.

“For Fuse ODG to disrespect Killbeatz in the presence of his girlfriend, he has moved out until tempers cool down”.

Before ending, Killbeatz’s manager addressed the issue of they bringing unknown persons to Mr Hackett’s room in his absence.

“This whole thing is funny, he did mention that in his absence, we allow people to sleep in his managers room. This is a total false. The only person who spent some hours in Mr Hackett room is Paedae popularly known as Omar Sterling. He was recording some days ago and out of stress he decided to rest a bit so he took a short nap inside Mr Hackett’s room and that’s all. But what’s wrong if Paedae rests in your managers room? This rapper f***n owns a house”.

In another interview, the manager said, Fuse ODG has not sacked

Fuse ODG was out of reach for comments on the latest development. We hope to bring you more as the stories unfold.

In confirming the said interview to bjrlivefm.com, Emmanuel Bossu Kule (GhJoy) revealed that he deleted his story after the interview because he “respected” both parties and couldn’t take the pressure and calls coming from both parties after the interview. The Killbeatz management has also promised to release a press statement on the issue sometime this week. More to come...

Source: Samcilla/BjrliveFM.com/051217/



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