Brenya writes: From a comfortable lead to a concession speech “Comical Mosquito”

From a comfortable lead to a concession speech "Comical Mosquito"

Ohene Bampoe Brenya, TV/Radio host for e.TV and Happy FM

So ,Nana Addo is the President elect of Ghana as declared by the chairperson of the electoral commission Charlotte Osei on Friday, just about some 50 hours after polls ended. Oh yes ! 2 days after polls, don’t get it wrong, this happened in Ghana, and by the way, Ghana is in West Africa. In times where CNN makes all sort of mistakes, it’s important I state this. However, this was not without some comedy from the ruling part the National Democratic Congress NDC, when most people ,following the election results, coming in knew the party was clearly losing. Only the NDC and it’s officials led by the General Secretary Asiedu Nketia (General Mosquito) thought otherwise.

It all started 11: 30 pm on Wednesday, the Spokesperson for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Campaign team said in the first of series of press statement and conference’s that President John Dramani Mahama was in a comfortable lead and urged all supporters to be calm.

Joyce Mogtari Bawah, in that statement released Wednesday said, details from the party’s Parallel Vote Tabulation showed the president doing good and entreated all supporters to wait for the Electoral Commission (EC) for verified results. At 3:00 am, another press conference was held this time by Ofosu Ampofo Director of elections, for the NDC. In the hours of 11:00 am, another press conference was held at the party’s state of the arts head office by Koku Anyidoho Deputy General Secretary projecting a 50.6% lead by president Mahama. Then,followed the press conferences I loved most by “Comical Mosquitoe” .“From the results from our collation system, we are confident that NDC is cruising to victory.

From a comfortable lead to a concession speech "Comical Mosquito"We are however unable to put out figures because of our commitment,” adding “If the trend we’ve observed continue, it’s likely his Excellency President Mahama will remain the president of Ghana”. Let me ask what trend? By evening of Thursday, the voices were a bit sober “we are slightly ahead”. from comfortable lead to cruising to victory to slightly ahead you know what is coming next, a phone call and later a concession speech by President Mahama. All of this happened within 24 hours and it reminds me of America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, one man who will be remembered by historians for his public statement is Comical Ali.
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahar ,the outrageous Iraqi Information Minister during the 2003 Iraq War.

He earned the nicknames ,Comical Ali and Baghdad Bob for his wild claims and colorful statements, made while Iraq was being invaded and overrun by American and British forces.
“There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!.My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all”. “Our initial assessment is that they will all die”. “I blame Al-Jazeera – they are marketing for the Americans! “God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis”. “They’re coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks”. “No ! I am not scared, and neither should you be! Are these the Americans?

People remain silent and placate the Americans. By God, they only deserve scorn. We slaughtered them yesterday and we will continue to slaughter them.I told you yesterday that the shock has backfired on them. Indeed, they are shocked because of what they have seen. No one received them with roses. They were received with bombs, shoes and bullets. Now, the game has been exposed. Awe will backfire on them. This is the boa snake. We will extend it further and cut it in the appropriate way.
Truth be told,the officials knew they had lost the elections miserably, they just had to keep the morale of the supporters up. Till we meet again I will certainly miss Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

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