Frema Ashkar and James Gardiner to host U-TOUR soon on Metro TV

IMG_0804Ghana’s television screens over the years have been inundated by foreign productions leading to the public perception that media houses in the country are finding it difficult in churning out quality local productions for the Ghanaian viewer. Now things are about to change as a new production house, Fablinks Media is set to wow viewers with its quality programmes starting with its flagship show, U.TOUR.

Tourism continues to attract huge direct and indirect investments in Ghana hence exploring such an industry is very important in promoting national development. U.TOUR is a thirty-minute documentary television series on culture and tourism that aims to provide a medium for Ghanaians to have their stories told. It goes on further to explore the unknown areas that have exciting tourist attractions and interesting stories behind them.

The program is presented by renowned Broadcast Journalist, Frema Ashkar and James Gardiner, winner of the 2015 GN Bank People’s Choice Awards for Male Actor of the year. The duo brings their wits and charm to the fore as they present U.TOUR, making it exciting while inviting viewers to join them in exploring the beautiful tourist attractions in Ghana as well as learning more about the history of such places. U.tour is set to start airing on Metro TV in June.IMG_3702 IMG_4343 IMG_3524


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