Former UCC student, Nana Abena Korkor names over 30 men she slept with

After a year and a half of psychological crisis as a result of some videos of her going viral, in which she was seen doing a ‘striptease’ Nana Abena Korkor Addo, best known as “Lency on Fire” looks adorable but it seems she won’t stop battling her inner demons any time soon.Former UCC student, Nana Abena Korkor names over 30 men she slept withShe recently unveiled her set up, PsychoSocial Africa, an organization that highlight the importance of Mental Health and Distress with the aim of creating awareness and giving education on mental distress but all is not well, bjrlivefm.com can confirm.

Being a Mental Health Advocate and taking part in the just ended World Mental Health Day which came with a week-long activity for Mental Health awareness, Korkor Addo revamped her social media page with stories she themed “it’s about her life.”

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The 27-year-old who has also helped to empower individuals struggling with mental issues took to Facebook to name all the people she has slept with and the list includes top Celebrities, Journalist and of course Politicians whom according to her are the cause of all the issues in the country.

In one post, she said: “Ghanaians just don’t have anything to do. You have wrecked the system. Then you blame the government. The people are the government. Anything at all is a celebrity. I am not one. I am a 27-year-old girl who talks about her life. Your opinions are not irrelevant because you are not my creators.”

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According to Korkor Addo, she has sampled more than 20 men sexually as part of her journey of becoming a gynecologist and Sex therapist.

“My journey of becoming a gynecologist and sex therapist. I have sampled a lot of men. Not less than 40. Only 4 caught my heart, Peter, Ben, coded, Manny!.There’s something about Aquarius men that weakens me. My kryptonite Everyone else I am figuring out something but you always have to play the love or money card to fit in.”

“………. usually pays 2000 per session…………..too 3000 or 2000 and political talk……… I put up a personality who is in love. It gets to me sometimes. That guy has a big d*ck……… big dick doesn’t know to u know what I mean

Flaskickk, first guy to make me come while he was on top. I can only come when I am on top……… u couldn’t make it better lack next time….Men in power, try to play games all the time.”

Former UCC student, Nana Abena Korkor names over 30 men she slept withThe former UCC student added more info saying:

Some win some lose. Nabil Alhassan how are you doing? I miss you. We have not had sex yet but it is possible. Dosty DEE, nigga always wanna be swift. It ain’t all about the paper. Criss Waddle doesn’t like shaved pussies. Take note Wakaso, u call to support NGO then u play romantic songs to get some booty. IbraahOne, you have nice cars but Abena is my girl so it’s never gonna happen. Tell Palo not every girl wants to go to Dubai and live in Trassaco”

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