Facebook Update: 3 changes to Know

facebook graph_searchThese Facebook guys keep updating their theme and I have seen about 2-3 background updates in the past weeks. I’m sure most of you haven’t noticed it or maybe.. you don’t care so far as you are able to post and read lol… Aside the photo below which gives you an overview of what and how many post your friends/family have shared whilst you were away, there are other features to know. Although this “previous post updates” is a stolen feature from Twitter it has gone another mile to improve the uniqueness on Facebook. On Twitter, you are provided with a “whilst you were away -post(s)” when you visit your timeline.

I think facebook wants to be a mini google too or maybe the team wants to increase competition even though Google is ahead. For example, the new video streaming interface surpass that of many social media platforms for now (just the interface) and even the note feature (which I’m using) has an updated theme and it’s more organized and feature widely used by WordPress. So incase you are imagining how bloggers post from their websites to social media platforms and other readable platforms, this interface is all you need. You can add photos with captions below just like I did below.

Facebook Post count


As the day goes by, I’ll share some more tips on how you can live on social media effectively because with more than 1.5 billion searches per day and 2 trillion posts in Facebook’s index, the social network updated its “search” functionality to helps users find more information. This raises some privacy concerns.

With the update, users have the ability to search not only for friends and family, but also for posts related to specific topics. In fact, the update offers timely and personalized suggestions as users type in the search box, and the results turn up posts from a user’s friends as well as other relevant public posts. This also means that users will be able to find public posts related to specific links, view popular phrases and quotes mentioned in these posts and check out an aggregated view of sentiment.
It is important to note that the new search experience aims to provide Facebook users with a personalized and unique experience that they can’t find anywhere else. Moreover, the social network will be improving upon its new search functionality as it receives feedback from users. Maybe that’s why I keep getting updates that Facebook’s background has changed and all that.

Also, we can take a look at the Video Tools for Publishers.
To help publishers better manage and control their videos on Facebook, the social network has begun testing a new video matching technology with a set of partners, with a long-term goal of providing a new comprehensive video management system to all creators. That said, Facebook has rolled out new video tools for Pages, like updates to Page Insights and video upload improvements, to help video publishers grow in the meantime.

Note: The new highlight text and “bold,” “Italic,” “Mono,” or “Link” feature is super cool too. You can add a header image too. Go and try it now. Post your first note! check mine here

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