Exclusive: Hypnotical star, Alama Kante is back with new single "Tolong"

Alama Kante3We approach the 1st anniversary of the incredible strategy ALAMA Kante undertook to save her voice. Last year I wrote an article about the singer who sang through surgery to save her voice. The hypnotised musician who sung as her tumour was being removed so surgeons could make sure they didn’t damage her vocal cords.

Alama Kante, a married mother-of-one and a professional singer who is originally from Guinea had the operation while listening to a hypnotist at the Henri Mondor (University Hospital of Paris) – Creteil APHP, France. Pr. Gilles Dhonneur and Asmaa Khaled (MD), Anesthesiologist and Intensive Care Medicine Physicians carried out the delicate operation in April.

Ms Kante had a parathyroid gland tumour but feared having it removed in case she lost her voice. According to Mr Dhonneur, the only way of knowing if her vocal chords had been protected was to get Ms Kante to sing during the procedure. Alama sang two songs from her album Generation Sabbar which is about modern African society and To-long which means ‘fight and get what you want’.

Ms Kante, who now lives on the outskirts of Paris, said the experience is difficult to explain. She then went into a trance and imagined she had travelled to Africa.

She said: ‘There was a woman next to me who said, don’t worry everything will be fine.

‘She asked me to go on a journey and I said okay and she said I was going to Senegal.

‘It’s as though I was not in the operating theatre at all, I was far away in Senegal.’

‘Because she was singing during the critical moments, we could be sure that the operation was going well’, said Professor Dhonneur.

Despite the hypnosis, Ms Kante said she did feel pain at one point during the operation but when the hypnotist told her it would go, it did

Later last year, a humanitarian and charitable organization called “UNE VOIX pour UNE VIE or A2V” – “one Voice for one Life”- was created to raise awareness of the public and the potential patients to the impact of medical hypnosis in the field of innovative surgical or interventional techniques.

Watch Alama Kante sing during her surgery here

Ms Kante has now made a full recovery and has begun performance since December 2014. She graced Le Monde Festival beautifully. Last month she held a free concert at the Henri Mondor – University Hospital of Creteil on the 30th of May.

Some photos from Le monde FestivalLe monde FestivalAlama kante at festival 2Alama kant at festivalToday, ALAMA Kante proposes her new directory in concert with her new CD Single entitled “ALAMA chante TOLONG” (the song she sung on the operating table) followed by “Ne me quitte pas” Jacques Brel on a manding blues music.

For more of her music click here.

Watch Alama performs Tolong:







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