Ebook Download: “His little Black Book” by Sally Kenneth Dadzie

His little Black book by Sally Kenneth DadzieRead this short excerpt from the free book, “His Little Black Book” by Sally Kenneth Dadzie below.

Every unmarried man who loves women has a little black book where he keeps a catalog of the females he has had and desires to have.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a book-book; it’s just a repertoire of doable daughters of Eve. Could be stored in his head or his phone as just contacts or his Facebook friends’ list but never a book. If you meet a guy with a literal black book, run! He’s a slut.

In the case of my boss, I am his little black book but he has no idea. I never really wanted to be a personal assistant to a hotel mogul; it just sort of happened as I sat down lost amongst a throng of sexy girls viable for the position in his secretary’s office. I had come for the systems analyst job because computers are my thing. Physically, I am a geek and very, very uninviting but he picked me. I tried to explain that I wasn’t there for the position he was offering me and he said he didn’t really need a personal assistant, that he just wanted somebody he wouldn’t jump right into bed with. I was hurt by his statement but I took the job the next day and came in fully clad in my Ugly Betty attire (without the excess colors). The salary was extremely attractive, though.

That was four years ago. And I am still there. And I have seen women come and go and I am still there, untouched, unwanted, unseen by him…

That’s not the point. You see, my boss can get any woman he wants with absolutely no commitment and keep her on all fours, literally crawling for more. I’m not mincing words if I call him a legendary ladies’ man. There are only a few who can do what he does and come out unscathed with no screaming baby tagging along and a nagging baby mama with unending drama.

I will share some of his stories and guys, you could learn a thing or two about this brother (name withheld) who is real and not a fiction of my imagination.
* * * * * *
No matter the age, occupation, orientation, status, every woman loves a bad boy. If not all the time, at least once in her life. Why? Do I need to be redundant and tell you nice guys finish last? Obviously they’re tedious. They always ask women how they are feeling, if they want to talk about it, where they would want to have dinner, blah blah blah. yawn. A woman would rather have you say ‘I know you’re still feeling balmy after last night. Shhh, don’t talk about it right now, wait till after dinner at my place tonight. By the way, you’re cooking.’

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