‘Drake is talented and an honest writer, I trust him’ – Rihanna

'Drake is talented and an honest writer, I trust him' - Rihanna

Rihanna Covers Vogue Magazine April’16

Avoiding the bravado and easy hooks of past hits, another song, “Higher,” reveals a woman who’s been burned by love. Rihanna compares it to “a drunk voice mail.”

She explains, “You know he’s wrong, and then you get drunk and you’re like, ‘I could forgive him. I could call him. I could make up with him.’ Just, desperate.”

Rihanna knows that when she collaborates with Drake the result will always be “amazing”.

She worked with Drake in 2010 on a creative record titled “What’s My Name” and in 2011 they came back with “Take Care” and then there’s “Work,” on which she repeats the word ‘work’ until it is no longer recognizable, a flourish one critic called “post-language.” While it evokes a techno future, it’s actually a nod to her home culture in Barbados.

Although the two have reportedly been involved in a romantic relationship, it’s the trust that Rihanna has for the rapper that makes him the perfect person for her to work with.

“I mean, Drake has a lot to offer,” Rihanna told Vogue magazine in a newly-released excerpt from her latest interview. “He’s very intelligent, and so I trust him a lot with his direction. Doing a collaboration with him, you know it’s going to be great. Everything he does is so amazing.”

'Drake is talented and an honest writer, I trust him' - Rihanna“He’s so talented that you kind of just trust that it’ll be right. And plus, we know each other, so I know that whatever he writes is going to be honest, and it’s going to make sense to where I’m at in my life. That’s the difference. We know each other.”

Anti after its leak online received a lot of buzz and this came with mixed reactions but Rihanna, 28, insists she is proud of the finished result because it is true to her.

“I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world,” she added.

“Settling makes you feel like a sellout. It makes you feel like a liar. It doesn’t make you feel like you believe anything you’re saying or singing or performing. If you’re performing music that is not who you are or where you’re at, it is painful. It’s painful for the performer and for the audience. And I didn’t want to be caught doing what I felt like would sell or do what I’ve done before. I needed to do what I believed in.”

Rihanna covers Vogue Magazine’s April issue.

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