I don’t have a favourite sex position – Juliet Ibrahim

I don't have a favourite sex position - Juliet IbrahimGhanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has disclosed the most risky place she has ever had sex.
The actress cum film producer revealed that the most riskiest place she ever had sex was at the beach with people all around but she nailed it because she was lowered in the water before getting bonked.

In an interview with Trybes TV, Juliet said: “The riskiest place I had sex was at the beach…”

“People were actually there but I was in the water so it’s not a big deal, but it is not something I will advise the youth try though”, it was just spontaneous and wasn’t planned but I think people have to be very careful and make sure that whatever you’re doing is allowed. It wasn’t like a country or a place where people will find it offensive so there were lot of tourists around the place.”

Asked if she’s the type of lady with the light off or on she said she “anything goes for her”. Meanwhile, she claims she has never told a lie because she’s not the type who encourages lies.

The award winning actress also said she’s daring and loves any adventurous sex so she won’t limit her pleasure with a favourite sex position while sees nothing wrong with even asking for a guy’s digit.

“I don’t see it as a big deal to walk up to a guy. If I see someone I like, I wouldn’t want the chance to pass me by so I’ll definitely say Hi and get your number.”

She also revealed her crush on designer Michael Eden.
“I have crush on Michael Eden and I just wish I will get the opportunity to go on romantic date with him”, she revealed.

When asked to choose between immortality and eternal youth, Juliet says she would go for immortality because there are things you could do like eating healthy that could keep you looking healthy.

Juliet however disclosed that she has a quick temper and dishonesty ticks her off the most.



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