Dark Suburb Eases the Rock Tension In Hustle Ft. E.L

Dark surbubOnce the music has the flare for public consumption, be sure to find here.
The mysteriously masked afro rock band Dark Suburb has released a new joint which the group featured the ‘BAR’ rapper, EL.
“Hustle“ is what they call this new banger! Dark Suburb managed to erase doubts about how ‘rock’ they are with Hustle (hard electric guitar riffs, thumping drum beats). The other thing is EL, he never disappoints! He brings most often, much more on when guest featured. Hustle is the first single that has been released by the award-winning group this year. Hustle reeks of bubbling life, a good starter for a day’s shift.

As could be inferred from the title of song, it is about surviving despite the odds (all the pain I feel inside, I turned it into motivation..keep hustling). Happy listening.


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