Dark Suburb dares Sarkodie to sweep Kwame Nkrumah Circle cos' "that place is dirty"?

Dark Suburb after performing Kacey Moore’s dare, has thrown a dare at the Adonai hitmaker, Sarkodie to sweep Kwame Nkrumah circle because they believe that, “Circle is very dirty”. Although the aim of this “dare-thing” is geared towards charity, I don’t really see the charity effect in this regard. Dark Suburb went around scaring kids at the mall and we call that “charity-work” or perhaps Sarkodie alone sweeping a smaller portion of a clean area at Circle for the fun of your cameras is the Charity work? iSocial TV, please come again.

Support this dare and tweet with #iDareuSarkodie will not change the sanitation situation we have in our country. You are already doing fine with your productions, but still you need to come again with this #DareGame. It’s fun and boring at the same time. Anyway, watch what the Vodafone Unsung Champs said below.

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