Controversies Hit Reddit’s Growth After CEO Ellen Pao’s Departure


Reddit hit a new 8 billion page view record in July admits community disruption over new policies and leadership. The company grew from 175 million unique visitors in May to 177 million in June. The buzz in a media frenzy around volunteers blacking out Subreddits and CEO Ellen Pao’s departure, Reddit’s growth spiked in July bringing it to 195 million monthly unique visitors.

You can say it’s an 8.9 increase in its month over month growth rate. This puts Reddit at nearly a 100 billion-page view yearly run-rate.

There were fears that loyal Redditors might chuck the website after one of the community’s favorite employees Victoria Taylor was fired, and co-founder Steve Huffman announced stricter content moderation policies after returning to replace former CEO Ellen Pao. So far, Reddit hasn’t seen such an hegira.


However, it’s possible that many curious people who are all about Reddit hubbub might be temporarily padding its numbers, masking the departure of more hardcore users. We’ll have to see how Reddit’s numbers fare in August now that the scandal has died down and the new policies have been announced.

It’s rabid Redditors who browse the site all day that make its advertising model work. Trading those for casual looky-loos who won’t come back could cause trouble for the startup. Reddit will also have to deal with lost revenue from its new policy not to earn money off content that “violates a common sense of decency.”
But if it takes breaking a few bigoted eggs to make a morally just omlet, the company and world might be better for it.

Credit: Data from TechCruch

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