Clothing Tips For A Rectangular Body Shape

Line in SkirtsLet’s look at some appropriate clothing styles to suit a rectangle body shape of a female. Such a body looks fairly straight in both the upper and lower body parts, thus the key to dressing this figure lies in creating volume in both the lower and upper body and then defining the waist. We start with skirts.

Skirts work by breaking your straight body into two. They help to create the curves you need below if you wear them in the right style.

• A –line skirts with a slight flare will give your figure a feminine twist and make your waist look smaller.
• You have the body for pencil skirt. However, soften the look by ensuring that they have round edges. This will give you a fitted feminine appearance.
• Full skirts and pleated skirts help to create volume for your lower body. So they make a fine choice
• Avoid the Cinderella styled skirts that will create huge volumes and a disproportionate lower you.
• If you choose to go for a long skirt, ensure they are a little full and long enough to cover your frame. Having them in the wrong length can make your legs look like chop-sticks!
Your goal is to create the right curves for your body. So it’s important to look for styles that can help you achieve this look.
• You can go for empire styled dresses. They sculpt the upper part of your body and the flow created below builds up volume that goes with your broad shoulders.
• A-line dresses will also define your waist and emphasize your lean upper body.
• Dresses with frills or embellished details in the bust area, look great on ladies with small bust as it projects a fuller look of your bust.
• Rectangle ladies with a large bust can opt for v-neck or low neckline dresses. This style breaks up your upper body and reduces the busty look effect if you wear a halter neck dress.
• Your key areas are your waist, shoulders and back. So learn to flatter these areas.
• Avoid straight cut and baggy dresses they will rather emphasize your boyish looking frame.

Love your stilettos shoes; they suit your frame well in that they flatter your tall lean shape. Another option is to go for kitten shoes if you find the stilettos too high for you. Loafers will make you look more boyish in appearance.
Try and avoid rectangle shaped bangles rather opt for round ones or those with soft curves.

Medium size jewellery will flatter your look. Round beads will give you a soft look. Chunky jewelry will serve as an unnecessary attention grabber. Make use of medium-sized belts to create a waistline.
I hope these tips have been useful to you. Enjoy flaunting your rectangle body shape.

Emma Addo-Owusu is a Certified Image Consultant and provides Corporate & Personal Training on Grooming and Business Etiquette. She also runs KOBADEM Boutique. Email- emmaddow@hotmail.com www.facebook.com/kobadem

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