Chinese Man shredded hundreds of 100 Yuan (£10) notes during psychotic episode

PAY Shredded banknotesYou can’t believe what is happening around the globe! A man in Liaoning province, China, has spent months reconstructing 140,000 yuan (HK$165,646) worth of banknotes after his father shredded the notes to make his children “forget about money”.

This Chinese man’s reaction to his son and daughter-in-law bugging him to put his money in the bank is to get a scissors and do injustice to the bar according to People’s Daily Online.

He kept 200,000 RMB (£21,075) earnings, in his house in cash form. Only to get angry when his son encouraged him to put it in the bank thinking his son and daughter-in-law were covering the cash.

After the sale of his family home in Ashan City, north-east China’s Liaoning Province, Chen, who is a pensioner came into some wealth which is unlikely for people like him in the country.

The 85-year-old father of one, withdrew the money in cash and kept it with him in his home, much to the amazement of his son and daughter-in-law. They persistently encouraged him to deposit the cash in the bank to which Chen flatly refused. He thought they could come back there behind him to rip him off his inheritance.

The mistrusting old man found himself torn between keeping the cash and handing it over.

Then, last October, in a moment of sheer madness, Chen decided to get rid of the money so no one could have it, and cut about 140,000 RMB (£14,752) into tiny pieces with scissors. His son and daughter took leave from work to tape the money. Exactly what I would do knowing you have a father of this caliber. Crazy world!
PAY Shredded banknotes
First, When Chen revealed what he had done, his shocked son and daughter-in-law quickly took the shredded banknotes to their nearest bank, whose staff promised to accept the money, as long as they could piece the bills back together first.

Then the couple took leave from their jobs and reportedly spent 19 hours a day sticking the 100 RMB (£10) notes together, starting at 7am and ending at midnight every day, until finally finishing the task last week. Their father gave them a new job. A real life story of working for your money. Sticking every bit carefully so it looks as good as new. Sounds funny but it’s really interesting to work for your money lol.

Master Chen who had no business working for extra cash because he was on pension and probably wouldn’t need that amount of money for any serious activity must have spent his time laughing at the young gentleman and his wife taping shredded notes. What a hussle lol.

Man shredded hundreds of 100 Yuan (£10) notes during psychotic episode

Patience: The bank estimated that it will take them two weeks to put the 47600 Yuan £4899 back together

The bank also made good on its promise and accepted the money, which was deposited into a savings account along with the remaining 60,000 RMB (£6,322) which was thankfully untouched by Chen.

Interestingly this man doesn’t even have need for money. Not a bit of it tickled him lol. Just imagine shredding your money because you don’t want someone to own, why don’t you spend it instead?

I’m of the thought he wanted to teach the young couple lessons which he won. They have learnt a lot I guess. Never stress people for attention ro whatsoever, if they care, you will know, if they don’t you will know as well.
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