EC boss Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei dares her accusers to file petition for removal

Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei dares her accusers to file petition for removalThe Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, has dared those alleging that she was involved in a conflict of interest by holding another public office to “file a petition” against her.

The Progressive Nationalist Forum has demanded that Charlotte Osei should resign as EC chair, claiming she was keeping a second job as board member of Ghana Re, which it said was a breach of the constitution since the chairperson of the EC cannot hold a second public office.

Speaking on the issue for the first time on Saturday on a televised news analysis programme, Newsfile,which is aired on television [Joy News] and radio [Joy FM], Mrs Osei said the group should challenge her in court and she will respond appropriately.

“That’s interesting. I’m hoping that whoever made this allegation is going to file some petition so we respond when we get there…,” she said.

“I’m not sure I should be helping people on in this exercise. What is the definition of a public office is what I will primarily think of as a lawyer.”

Article 44 (4) of Ghana’s 1992 constitution states: “The Chairman and the two Deputy Chairmen of the commission shall not, while they hold office on the Commission, hold any other public office.”

“Let’s go with that definition… let’s not prejudge the matter. Let’s see where it goes. I’m happy with all the definitions you’ve read. Let’s see where it goes,” Mrs Osei retorted when host Samson Anyenini read portions of the Supreme document of Ghana to her.

Mrs Osei confirmed that she did resign from that position, however, she failed to mention when it took effect.

“I did resign. Let’s stick to the constitution. Is it a public office?”
Ghana Reinsurance explains
The Ghana Reinsurance Company Limited on Thursday explained that Mrs Osei was no longer a director of the company.

She stopped being a director as of the end of December 2015, the Secretary of Ghana Re, Madam Jessica Allotey, said.

Asked when she resigned she said: “As at December 2015, I can tell you that as at the end of December she was not a director of Ghana Re.”

As to why Madam Osei was still being touted as a board member of Ghana Re on their website, Madam Allotey said they had just returned from the holidays and their IT Manager was updating the website.

Regarding to why she was also put in the company’s diaries for 2016 as a board member, she said they had to print the diaries way ahead of time because of the procurement processes and hence there was nothing they can do about that.

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EC boss dares her accusers to file petition for removal


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