Celebrating Founders Day with Quotes from Kwame Nkrumah

-Kwame Nkrumah was the first prime minister and president of Ghana, having led the country to independence from Britain in 1957.

Celebrating Founders Day with Quotes from Kwame NkrumahNkrumah wrote that the political economic situation in the world is one in which a tiny minority of the people grow “richer and richer, while the rest grow poorer and poorer.” Challenge of the Congo , p. x He further elaborated that the situation required world socialism as it was the only remedy, for “as long as capitalism and imperialism go unchecked there will always be exploitation, and an ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, and all the evils of imperialism and neo-colonialism which breed and sustain wars.” Challenge of the Congo, preface, p. x.

He also warned against dependence on capitalist global institutions such as the United Nation Organization (UN) and the Bretton Woods institutions such as the IMF and World Bank. Of the UN he reminded us that the UN is the tool of the elite states which control the Security Council and that it was / is “just as reliable an instrument for world order and peace as the Great Powers are prepared to allow it to be.” I Speak of Freedom, preface, p xii.

Which, as in the case of the Congo, the creation of the Zionist terrorist entity, the continuing disguised warfare against states such as Cuba, the more overt wars being prosecuted throughout every region of the world and everything else that plagues humanity, means absolutely no corrective action at all, indeed it means that the capitalist superpower and its allies have a free hand to create mayhem and destruction wherever it chooses.

Thus he emphasized that socialism and true African unity were and are “organic and complementary.” Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare , p. 28

This is his challenge to us and his legacy to us. We must embrace his call and complete the job that he and his millions of colleagues began in the latter half of the 20th century.


Born on 21 September 1909 at Nkroful in Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was married to Fathia Nkrumah in 1957 and was father to Samia Nkrumah, Sekou Nkrumah and Gamal Nkrumah.

The Former President of Ghana attended University College London, University of Pennsylvania, Achimota School, among others. An influential advocate of Pan-Africanism, Nkrumah was a founding member of the Organization of African Unity and winner of the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962. He also won himself the CAF Platinum Award in 2014.

He later died on 27 April 1972 in Bucharest, Romania.

As we celebrate Founders day in Ghana today, September 21, 2017, these selected quotes will be of use to you and encourage you to continue your commitment to the noble struggle of creating a socialist, united African continent and global nation.

“the Convention People’s Party must mobilize our total manpower for the industrial, economic, technological and scientific reconstruction of Ghana, so that we can produce the necessary conditions which shall mean an abundance of every good thing for our people and the greatest welfare of the masses.” The CPP Twelfth Anniversary: A Message by Osagyefo 1961 (Accra, Ghana Government Printer)

“Party is the rallying point of our political activity. Without the Party there would be no force through which to focus the needs and desire of the people. The Convention People’s Party is this force. The Party, therefore, is the hard core of those who are so dedicated to its ideology and program, that they make their membership the most serious business of their lives. The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.” Speech at the conclusion of the Civil Service Commission Referendum, Evening News, Feb. 4, 1964

“In the very early days of the Christian era, long before England had assumed any importance, long even before her people had united into a nation, our ancestors had attained a great empire, which lasted until the eleventh century, when it fell before the attacks of the Moors of the North. At its height that empire stretched from Timbuktu to Bamako, and even as far as to the Atlantic. It is said that lawyers and scholars were much respected in that empire and that the inhabitants of Ghana wore garments of wool, cotton, silk and velvet. There was trade in copper, gold and textile fabrics, and jewels and weapons of gold and silver were carried.” Ghana: The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah

“By far the greatest wrong which the departing colonialists inflicted on us, and which we now continue to inflict on ourselves in our present state of disunity, was to leave us divided into economically unviable States which bear no possibility of real development….”





“The capitalist-imperialist states face serious economic and social difficulties. Rising prices, balance of payments problems, widespread and repeated strikes are only a few of the symptoms of the general malaise. In the United States, the grave domestic situation is aggravated by the massive counter-attacks of the African-American revolutionaries. Almost everywhere, behind the smoke screens, the social and economic situation is unhealthy, and particularly in the second class capitalist states. And these mounting economic crises mean heavier dependence on the exploitation of the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.”

“The need for self-critical objective diagnosis.”

“The struggle for African continental union and socialism may be hampered by the enemy WITHIN, – those who declare their support for the revolution and at the same time, by devious means, serve and promote the interests of imperialists and neo-colonialists.

“Examination of recent events in our history, and of our present condition, reveals the urgent need for a new strategy to combat imperialist aggression, and this must be devised on a continental scale.

“Either we concentrate our forces for a decisive armed struggle to achieve our objectives, or we will each fall one by one to the blows of imperialism in its present stage of open and desperate offensive.” Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare

“…when automation and cybernation aided by nuclear energy reach their highest form of development, the forces of production will have been developed to a point at which there could be the classless society which Marx predicted could come only under communism.” Class Struggle In Africa

“Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge – a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve – to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life? ” Address to the National Assembly. 12 June 1965

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