Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Sex ensures better bonding and intimacy between partners and it also increases production of the oxytocin; a hormone that is responsible for attachment, love and it helps pregnancy progress without complications and promises a less painful labour.
Whilst having sex is great, during the pregnancy sex period, endorphins are released into the body to make both the mother and the baby happier by reducing levels of stress.
Here are some positions you should try out.
n this sex position, you would need to be in the inner spoon position and your partner will be in the outer spoon in preparation for rear-entry penetration.
Both of you may separate your upper bodies, with just the pelvises connecting and your legs can also rest on top of each other.
You may lift the upper knee to allow for easier penetration. Then your partner can caress your stomach and stimulate your boobs, the back of the neck and ears, and clitoris.
You can also stimulate your partner’s scrotum and the penis stimulates the front of the vagina, and it may as well stimulate an area that is commonly called the G-spot.
Let your partner lie down, his thighs should be spread far enough apart and then you climb onto your partner, face him and put him in you. Rock him slow up and down thrusts, on the right side and then towards the left too.
Doggie Style
Doggie can be performed in bed or a couch, all you need to do is to bend over, crouch your legs and hands, while your partner stands or kneel behind to penetrate. Just be careful that your tummy doesn’t touch the ground.
You need to be easy on the baby after all.
Leap Frog
All you need to do is to get your hands stretched in front on the bed, be on your knees, then keep your hips raised and rest your head on a pillow.
The Manhandle Her
You don’t need a bed for this type of sex, you can try it under the shower, while leaning on a wall and anywhere you want in your house. Just stand straight in front of your partner and let him penetrate from behind.
That easy.
image credit: thegrio.com

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