Akua Agyekumwaa debuts “Hurt People Hurt People Book”

Hurt People Hurt People Book – Breaking the vicious cycle of abuseBlood boils through your veins manifesting in the seething of your teeth whenever you see them because of the pain they caused you. The sexual abuse, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse that made you feel dirty and useless any time you think about it.

Are you tired of going through all the emotions and tired of the tears? Are you tired of having broken relationships as a result of the abuse you went through? Are you too ashamed to open up to people but anxiously in need of healing?

Akua Agyekumwaa shares wisdom she gained from her own experiences of various forms of abuse and practical scriptural principles to help liberate the broken hearted and bring healing to all who have suffered all forms of abuse.

You will find out
How to identify abusive situations
The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation
Practical steps to help you heal
True life stories of people who have been through abuse and have been healed
This book is the beginning of your journey to wholeness. Wholeness that will give you a peace of mind to pursue all you want to be and have fulfilling relationships.

Book Launch
Come February 6, 2016, the book will be officially launched at the British Council between 5:30 and 7p.
To pre order your copy, contact +233267580241 and +233554959192 (whatsapp). Email: akuagyekumwaa@gmail.com

About Authur
Akua Agyekumwaa is a life and relationship coach, motivational speaker, a sex-pert and Professional house wife in the making. She loves to see the broken-hearted and abused healed while believing marriage works, just that people lack the wisdom to make it work. She just love to love and she’s so much in love with God.

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