Agya Koo declares support for Nana Addo ahead of 2016 Elections

Agya Koo declares support for Nana Addo ahead of 2016 Elections

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Award-winning actor and comedian Kofi Adu, aka Agya Koo gave his support to the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo at a press conference at Sofoline a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis.

He joins the league of celebrities in the country who have openly declared their support flag bearers of the country’s two largest political parties-the NPP and NDC.

A close pal of the actor and failed NPP parliamentary Candidate for Bulisa South Constituency of the Upper East Region Listowell Yesu Bukarson, shared the decision of Agya Koo on his facebook wall;

“Agya Koo has been a very good friend for many years. On the quiet, we have done some great things together. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest comedians in Ghana. In 2008 I suggested to him to join the NPP campaign. He explained away his reasons not to. At the time he sounded convincing. He has always loved the NPP but he was bidding his time. Yesterday, we spoke at length. Today he holds a press conference to announce his endorsement of the NPP for victory in the December 7 general elections. Agya, as I call you, thanks for the bold decision. Your reason for this move is simple, “Ghana is worse and not getting better. JM should pack aside and let Nana Addo save Ghana”. Like I told you yesterday, duty takes me out of town. I can’t be at the press conference but you have my avowed support as always. We meet and take the project for change to another level. ChangeIsComing. GhanaMuatWokAgain. Folks, Thinking Unconventionally”

Find below the press release after the event.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, I wish first of all to express my sincere gratitude to you all for honouring my invitation. I stand before you here today as a concerned Ghanaian who is deeply troubled by the direction this country is going. I speak the voice of the ordinary Ghanaian who is bearing the brunt of extreme economic hardships which has come about as a result of poor leadership.

I have personally sat back and monitored critically how things are going and felt the need to join the crusade for change in the political administration of this country.

Let me state emphatically clear that I am not here to compete with any individual or engage in any wayward political stunt.

As a movie star, I have travelled far and wide across the country and have seen the conditions many Ghanaians are going through on daily basis trying to acquire one-square meal a day.

Many Ghanaians today face unprecedented precarious economic hardships which have consequently led to job losses and high unemployment rate, poor healthcare provision and cut-throat utility bills.

As a Ghanaian, I feel the pinch of the escalating prices of goods and services on the market and cannot keep quiet. I have therefore decided to join the call for change in the direction of leadership since it is the only way the country can see development and progress.

I am very sure that most of you were around in 2008 and witnessed the economic conditions that prevailed at that time. I do not want to bore your ears with a reminder but we all were witnesses to the fact that goods and services were affordable and every ordinary Ghanaian could afford it.

One would therefore wonder why conditions in this country have become so deplorable within the spate of eight years.

Today, it is sad to compare how these same prices of goods and services have increased astronomically as a result of poor economic policies and performance of the current leadership.

Now the ordinary Ghanaian cannot afford basic items like Milk, Sugar, Rice, Bread and other household commodities. We have taken the trouble to do a thorough research of prices of goods and services on the market and compared them to the time of the NPP administration.

I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to do his or her own checks from the markets to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of this sad situation.

Apart from being a movie star as many Ghanaians know to be, I am also a parent and know how expensive it is to give your children quality education in this country.

It is for this and other reasons that I have decided to join the voice for change by declaring my support for the Presidential Candidate of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo.

I have therefore decided to launch the “The Agya Koo Agenda 57% For Nana Addo” to support the campaign of the NPP in order to help bring the much needed change.

My objective therefore is to interact with ordinary voters and share my experience on the need for change in leadership in the country since it is the only way this country can see progress.

Thank you so much for honouring my invitation and God Bless.


Matilda Asare (National Coordinator) – 0242333046”

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