Afia Schwarzenegger Caught Cheating: What really happened

It appears the charm from the once happily married couple Lawrence Abrokwah and comedienne, born Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa has finally been dragged into the gutters. Drama and twists to Afia Schwarzenegger scandal keep unfolding.

Afia Schwarzenegger Caught Cheating: What really happenedLet’s update you with all drama and twists to Afia Schwarzenegger scandal as it keeps unfolding.

First, it was a hear-say, then some audio slides were released followed by the video which proved she was indeed caught sleeping with another man in bed. I believe by now, anyone who had doubts that, the story is not true, would have a change of mind.

The stories from both sides are quite interesting. Let me cut the long talk and give you the rundown below.

From a close source, Afia’s husband Lawrence Abrokwah has been assaulting Afia for a while now, at least the source can confirm about 8 times of this incident which she witnessed.

“Afia Schwarzenegger has been maltreated several times. Last times I heard about their issue, her parents were fed up with the who drama and they decided to return the drinks to the family of Mr. Abrokwa which I learned didn’t go well because the man’s family initially demanded some ransom of a sort last June,” she narrated.

While the twist seems to go in both ways, it also emerged that, Afia Schwarzenegger’s maid had a role to play in all the drama. A rumoured affair between Mr. Abrokwa and the maid led to another major discovery of Afia Schwarzenegger’s infidelity. To cover it up, Afia decided to quit the marriage.

Now embrace yourself for the rest of Afia’s bruhaha.

In the conversation, the maid disclosed that her madam, Afia Schwarzenegger was co-habiting with another man in the house while Mr. Abrokwa was away visiting his mom. The Same maid who happens to be secretly sharing Afia’s bed with Mr. Abrokwa when Afia was away ‘working’.

“Yesterday, when they returned, she was accompanied by a man and another man. He is in the house right now. They shared the same room last night. His car is parked inside the house. He is dark and a bit slim and somewhat bald”, the maid narrated.

She also added that she chanced on the two, Afia and her lover, in a compromising position.

She described the lover as a middle-aged man of average height. She also alleged that her madam was probably dating him because of his money.

“He is not that handsome, but he is okay. He is rich. He owns a luxurious car. It could be a brand new car”, she added. (Same brand new car Afia posted a picture of recently on her Instagram page. It was rumoured she bought it for 80k)

Afia Schwarzenegger Caught Cheating: What really happenedSocial media went haywire when a still video from Ghana News of Afia Schwarzenegger caught red-handed cheating by her ex-husband went viral.

The comedienne was trolled and heavily criticized by her ‘followers’ after she posted a semi-nude picture of herself with a post that seemed to hit back at an anonymous foe.

In several voice audios, we can hear Afia narrating her story, the bad, the bitter and the worst. At a point, we could also hear the family of Mr. Abrokwa pleading with her to make peace and stay in the marriage.

Although very little is know about Mr. Abrokwah, some source says that he is a bouncer. Meanwhile, after their secret wedding, it was revealed that Lawrence Abrokwah was renowned businessman based in South Africa.

He has been living without a job for the past 8 months after their wedding according to Afia, but, the soon-to-be ex-was supposedly rich, Afia herself told the public on how he “spoils” her with gifts are to go by, yet, his businesses are not completely known.

Listen to the audio below.

Source: Samcilla/BjrliveFM.com/70917/


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