50 Cent’s List Of Creditors In Bankruptcy Case Includes His Grandfather, Really?

50 Cent owes his grandfatherAmerican rapper, 50 Cent in a list submitted to the bankruptcy judge, his many creditors include his grandfather.

Chapter 11 filing is different from other forms of bankruptcy, and part of the process is getting a judge to sign off on the filing. To do that, 50 Cent and his lawyers have supplied the judge with a list of his debtors.

The rapper claims he owes Curtis Jackson Snr, $1,737.33, Bentley $137,880, and American Express $64,909 according a TMZ post. The tip of the iceberg, though, is his debt in two court judgements he lost, which totals $23m.

Now there’s no doubt, Lastonia Levinston would be answering the 21questions! 50 Cent is treating this issue very casually; posing infront of smaller cars and most recently, blowing cash at a West Hollywood strip club.


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