50 Cent sued for stealing hit show, POWER

50 cent -Power
50 cent recently filed for bankruptcy, either accusers didn’t hear that or they still don’t believe it like the rest of the world.
One Larry Johnson is suing 50 Cent for not only taking his published idea but making a hit show out of it. He’s asking the rapper for a cool $200 million.

Just like news broke that hit TV series Empire was being sued over stolen script, 50 Cent’s Power is getting a bit of the fun as well… with the same scenario and points as Empire.

The hit show Power, which stars Omari Hardwick in a lead role and shows on Starz, 50 Cent’s station, is being claimed to have been a stolen idea. Now someone might be thinking this year has been a bad year already for the US rapper who has been in the news for the bad reason aside his Africa-mansion completion.

Larry claims in 2005, he sent a manuscript of his titled “Tribulation Of A Ghetto Kid” to a certain Nikki Turner, who at the time worked for 50 Cent’s G-Unit books.

Larry eventually went ahead to publish his book through some other publisher but he strongly believes Nikki shared the idea of the story/manuscript with 50 Cent.

And when the show premiered its first season last year, Larry was sure this was his story being used.

His idea and Power have in common, a best friend who is exactly like Tommy and a main character who owns a big nightclub.

Larry says the show and his book have too many things in common to have been a coincidence.

Apparently, his main character has a “goatee” like the type James St Patrick aka Ghost has in the show and, what’s more, the writer says he uses the name Ghost as his pen name.


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