4 ways to make your life better without living on social media

4 ways to make your life better without living on social mediaSocial media is now part of our daily lives. A day without checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is incomplete. However, this addiction has resulted in some disconnection with the real world. Many now rely heavily on virtual reality for everything. They sleep, eat and drink social media, some people even make money through social media.

But wait a second, have you thought of what will happen if you break up with social media? There are quite a handful of people that have closed their Twitter and Facebook accounts and survived the heartache. Let’s read 5 rewarding things that may happen when you ‘break up’ with social media.

More productivity
There is high possibility that while working, employees will want to check their social media profile or update it meanwhile, they have loads of jobs piled up which they have left unattended to. This is perhaps the reason why many businesses do not allow their employees to use social media during work hours. If you break up with social media you will concentrate fully on your job without any distraction.

Better relationship with families and friends

Families and friends interactions are now restricted to social media. Although the culture of visiting loved ones runs deep among Nigerians, social media has largely suspended the trend. With this out of the way, you will have a more endearing and enduring relationship with families and friends.

No more rumour peddling
One thing that is held against social media is the peddling of false news. Unfortunately, false rumours travel like bushfires. The damage would have been done before you know that it is a farce. That is why everyone should be conscious of what they consume on social media. No social media, no reading of false news. That is probably why the Nigerian National Assembly wants to introduce a bill to curtail the excesses of social media.

You can stop comparing your own life to everyone else’s

Social media, for many people, is about creating a persona, a cardboard cut-out version of ourselves. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t want to paint themselves in the best light?

But it’s important to be conscious of how social media changes the way we see ourselves, and the way we want to be seen by others. It’s the reason we post Instagram pictures  of our vacations, as opposed to a lovely photo of us praying.

More often than not, when we post, we are starting a subtle competition with ourselves and the people who follow us.

Who has the best clothes? The best meals? The best vacations?

The more you scrolled through other people’s accounts, posting pictures with similar tastings, the more pressure you feel to compete. And the posting war continues.

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