3 easy ways to find money

3 easy ways to find moneyDespite how much we need it, money is surprisingly easy to lose or leave behind. If you really look, you can find easy money in places . We all need a little extra cash. Whether you want to find some extra change and bills to bulk up your wallet, money is everywhere; you just need to know where to look.

Here’s how to find all your hidden money including those you’ve forgotten about—or didn’t know you had.

1. Loose Change

Why it’s hidden: You empty your pockets here, your wallet there, toss change from the delivery guy someplace else. A stray quarter here or there may not seem like much, but all those scattered cedis can quickly add up. The average Ghanaian household harbors more than Ghc 60 in change!

Uncover your cash: Clean out your junk drawer, laundry room, car, and other hidden nooks.  Look for all the hidden coins and when you find them, the best way to transform coins into bills is to take them to the bank.

2. Overlooked Inheritance

Why it’s hidden: Even if a deceased relative leaves you everything in her will, you may not know you’re entitled to certain funds if she didn’t list all of her bank accounts, stocks, or safe-deposit boxes. And if your loved one passes away without a will, odds are slim that you’ll know about every financial account you should claim. 

Uncover your cash: If the death is recent, ask your relative’s insurance agent or financial planner to see if a life insurance policy was in place, and look through her files for any mention of financial holdings. If your relative is long-deceased, forget because the cash might be long gone by other relative. But you can uncover dormant bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, stocks, or unclaimed funds from a life insurance benefit your loved one may have left behind too.

3. Class Action Settlements

Why it’s hidden: If you bought a product that turns out to be defective and the manufacturer is sued, you could be part of a class action lawsuit without realizing it, but you have to register a claim to collect cash.

Uncover your cash: Visit the largest database of pending class action suits. If you use one of the listed products or services, you can fill out an online form to stake a claim in the settlement. 

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