ThanksGiving: 50 Cent’s “The Kanan Tape” vz Rick Ross’ “Renzel Remixes”

50 Cent50 Cent and Rick Ross have been sworn enemies for nearly six years, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be making amends this holiday season. Both 50 Cent and Rick Ross are about to drop new mixtapes today November 26 — that’s right, Thanksgiving Day! Their rivalry is about to freshen up; guess they won’t be passing turkey around the same table, then?

50 Cent The KANAN TAPE

50 Cent The KANAN TAPE

Brace yourselves: the rivalry between Rick and 50 is going to get very intense, very fast! Unlike a lot of their past beefs, though, this fight is just going to be about music, plain and simple. Fiddy is releasing The Kanan Tape on the same day that Rick drops Renzel Remixes. The Kanan Tape is named after 50’s character on Power, will include eight tracks as he stated in October. While promoting the tape, he also let everyone know that he had been working on the show, “making sure season 3 is the best sh!t you have seen on TV.” Is this going to be the best sh!t we’ve ever heard?

While compared to 50 Cent’s traditional steady “New York sound” I’m also hoping there are some creative gems 50 Cent is known for sharing. 50 has also been promising his fans with the SK album but it seems like we’ll have to wait awhile since he’s never been one for a schedule since departing Shady Records.

Rick Ross Renzel Remixes

Rick Ross “Renzel Remixes”

Renzel Remixes is just a preview of Rick’s new album, Black Market, which drops on December 4. The mixtape has some amazing remixes coming our way; think Adele and 2Pac, great stuff like his interpretation of “Starin Thru My Rearview.”

Ross scheduled album release “Black Market” came with announced features from John Legend, The-Dream and Nas among others. While the album is rumored to be a 360 from the more energetic music Rozay has released previously.

Diehard 50 and Rick fans will probably be dedicated to their dude, but the rest of us can have the best of both worlds!

Their feud has extended far beyond music, getting personal and nasty with every turn. They traded blows in 2009 when 50 allegedly made threats against DJ Khaled‘s mom, after a site promoting Rick & Khaled’s music reportedly posted an offensive image of his son. Not good! The feud picked up full steam in July 2015 again when 50 declared bankruptcy; Rick gleefully rubbed it in his face. “Get rich or die tryin’ and now you bankrupt,” he said.

Embracing this indie lifestyle seems we’ll have to stick around while the duo continue to battle over social media and music and also women!


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